Fluoroquinolones (FQs) are approved by the FDA for the treatment of various bacterial infections but they are a very dangerous class of antibiotics because they bind to certain cellular components and can linger in your body for years. This is why they carry a black box warning. FQ-Associated Disability (FQAD) is a term coined to describe the symptoms associated with fluoroquinolone toxicity including tendon rupture and tendonitis, peripheral neuropathy and other nervous system disturbances, muscle twitching and muscle wasting, paralysis, heart palpitations, brain fog, depression, memory loss, paranoia, and even death.

These highly toxic antibiotics are still prescribed by traditional medicine physicians despite their potentially devastating effects on the central nervous system, musculoskeletal system, and cardiovascular system. The main mechanisms of fluoroquinolone toxicity involve damage to both mitochondria and DNA, oxidative stress, disruption of cellular energy pathways, and binding of different metals such as magnesium (resulting in muscle weakness & wasting), copper, zinc, iron, and selenium. The only treatment that delivers results is that aimed at repairing the mitochondrial damage caused by even short-term ( 5-7 days) exposure to FQs.

Cipro toxicity has been successfully treated using a functional medicine approach. Whereas conventional medicine providers primarily use steroids to reduce the symptoms, alternative and regenerative specialists focus on safe and proven therapies that help regenerate the mitochondria. Steroids are shown to have their own severe side effects and even though patients may appear to feel better while using them, these drugs can aggravate the condition.

A personalized protocol based on alternative medicine therapies such as a mitochondrial rebuilding program, NAS therapy, peptide therapy, IV vitamin infusions, specialized cell therapies, and more is the only way to fully recover from fluoroquinolone poisoning and restore your overall health. It’s important to understand that the more severe the mitochondrial damage is, the longer it takes to see an improvement in your symptoms ( at least 5 intensive treatment programs over a period of 2 weeks are needed).

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