Whether you run a large clinic or are responsible for a hospital that receives hundreds of patients every day, it’s important to use current marketing methods to increase interaction with your clients. SMS marketing is used effectively in several sectors to increase customer loyalty and make clients aware of the benefits of doing business with a brand.

How does SMS marketing work?

SMS Marketing involves sending promotional messages and information to your customers via text messages which are received on their mobile devices. You can send a wide range of information to your customers in this way, ensuring that they can always take advantage of the latest wellness products, test fees and other offers from your health care facility.

Before you can start using SMS marketing with your patients, they must opt in to your contact list. This is usually done, by sending them a text message containing a code which they have to enter in order to confirm that they are giving you permission to send them information in this format.

Make Patients Aware of New Services

If you’ve recently introduced a new service, you can make patients aware of it by using SMS marketing. This marketing technique can also be used to remind patients of existing services that can help them to maintain wellness.

Decrease Missed Appointments

Every now and then, a patient may miss some type of medical appointment. This can happen to senior citizens, parents of young children who have pediatric appointments and even individuals who are required to do follow-up after surgery.

A medical appointment reminder text message helps to prevent this problem. Patients are often disappointed when they miss an appointment and after they realize what has happened, they may not even be sure of which step they should take.

Most patients would appreciate a timely reminder. This can be integrated into your existing system, ensuring that each patient receives reminders a few days before their upcoming appointment.

Receive Feedback

Your SMS Marketing system can be used to provide your team with feedback which helps you to improve their services. You can request feedback via SMS on the equipment that you use or the layout of your patient care areas.

You can even collect information on how patients feel as they discuss their health concerns with doctors and nurses. Your patients can receive a link in their text messages which lets them complete a confidential survey on a protected site.