About 64% of the clients/consumers believe that enterprises should utilize text messages to interact with them more often than they are currently doing. Today, mobile marketing is a popular topic, with SMS marketing remaining an effective way to communicate with your clients. Incorporating text messaging is easy, and there are several ways of using it. Consumers opt in to a business’s text messages for personal alerts, remain in the loop, and gain more meaningful content for coupons and deals.

So, how can a business add text messaging to its communication?

Appointment Reminders

Using SMS messages to remind and confirm stakeholder or client appointments is vital for running a service-based business. This is not only convenient for your clients or customers, but it also reduces the cancellation rates. About 70% of the respondents concur that text messaging is an excellent way for an organization to understand their woes or get their attention.

Coupon Distribution

Using text messages is excellent for flash sales and coupon distribution. About 90% of the people open the text messages and read them within three minutes after receiving them. This means that text messaging about a coupon or a flash sale may create urgency for your service or product. Relying on a text messaging platform can help you send the messages in bulk, reaching many clients within no time.

Launching Products

If we piggyback on flash sales and couponing, using text messages when launching a product might further your efforts. The prospects that receive an SMS have a conversion rate of over 40% higher than those that don’t receive any text messages. The reason is that SMS marketing creates a sense of urgency, and people are more likely to buy a product when they know it’s available now.

Customer Retention

Winning new customers costs five times more than retaining the existing ones. Using text messages for customer retention might help reduce the costs of acquiring new clients. Sending birthday or anniversary wishes, holiday greetings, or just a thank you message might be the trigger that makes customers want to stay with your business.

Customer Service

About 68% of the clients would want to use text messaging to reach out to the company with billing concerns or questions. Therefore, implementing a way where the consumers can text a brand’s customer service team is essential and might improve customer retention and the number of repeat clients.


There are many ways of adding text communication to your clients, from integrated marketing, limited-time promotions, customer service, and launching products to appointment reminders. However, you could even achieve more benefits by using text messaging platforms like textingbase.com. Head on to our website, sign up and choose a plan to enjoy sending messages to your clients and stakeholders with convenience.