If your dog has congestive heart failure, your veterinarian may have prescribed medications to help. Your veterinarian may have also recommended that you make adjustments to your dog’s diet.

Include Adequate Amounts of Protein

Protein is important for the health of your dog’s brain. However, it is especially important for dogs that have heart conditions. Protein helps the heart muscle to remain in the best state possible.

Just as an athlete needs protein to build and repair muscles that are used for running, jumping or lifting heavy weights, your dog needs protein to build and repair their heart muscle. Your dog’s diet should include a wide range of amino acids in order to protect their heart.

Be Careful with Fat

Your veterinarian can advise you on the amount of fat that’s best for your dog. Your pet would only need a small amount of fat in their diet.

In fact, if your dog can manage, it is usually a good idea for them to exercise moderately each day. This is very important for heart health.

Restrict Salt

If your dog has congestive heart failure (CHF) your veterinarian may have recommended that you restrict the amount of salt in their food. It’s important to remember that your dog will still require a small amount of salt. Therefore, you should not eliminate salt from their diet completely.

A high level of salt is bad for dogs with congestive heart failure because it places additional pressure on the heart. High levels of salt and water in the body increase the blood volume and this causes the heart to distend.

If your dog has CHF, you may have already noticed them coughing or wheezing. You may have also noticed that they’re panting for breath even after light exercise.

This is because their heart is having a hard time pumping blood around their body. If you feed any type of food that has a high amount of salt, this will make the situation worse.

Are there pre-made foods that are suitable for dogs with CHF?

There are several quality brands of dog food that are specially made for dogs with CHF and other heart conditions. Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies has several products that are appropriate for dogs with congestive heart failure, including treats.

Each of these foods has a different nutrient profile. This is why it’s important to discuss your dog’s needs with their veterinarian and then select a product for them.